Why should I create patient-related appointments?

In WriteUpp you can create two types of appointment - Patient and Non Patient related appointments. 

A patient related appointment, for example, would be a consultation where as non-patient appointment would be something like a meeting, holiday or something that is totally unrelated to a client.. 

For any appointments where you are seeing a patient you should ONLY use a patient related appointment. 

A non-patient related appointment will NOT be associated with a patient record and consequently will not be seen in the appointments tab of the patient summary. However, you can see a summary of all appointments (including Non-Patient related appointments) by going to the Activity view from the main menu (top left).

You can specify whether an appointment type is "patient-related" or "non patient-related" by going to Settings ->Scheduling

Patient related appointments can be found in the patient summary in the appointments tab, as below:


You can define an appointment to be both patient and non patient related but when you book you must select which one you would like that particular appointment to be. 


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