How do I book an Appointment when I'm in "List" view?

To book an appointment when you are in "list" view:

  1. Select 'Create' at the top of the page:


  2. Select "Appointment - Search Next available appointment"

  3. Select a date range when you would like the appointment to take place
  4. Select what type of appointment you would like to book - > How do I add an Appointment Type?
  5. Select "Find Next Available Appointment" 
  6. Select the appointment you wish to book
  7. Ensure you have the correct "Active Client' - How can I switch between patients?
  8. You have the option make this a  "Recurring Appointment":

  9. Select if you would like SMS/Email Confirmations to be sent:

  10. Select "Save"
  11. You will now see this appointment in your diary as well as in "List View" 

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