Diary Update (March 2017) - What's Changed?

The following article is intended for existing WriteUpp users (pre March 2017) who are transitioning from the old to the new WriteUpp diary.

We hope most of the changes are self-explanatory but there may be a few situations (listed below) where you might be looking for something that has either been changed, redesigned or removed.

Where has the clinician drop-down gone?

All your users can now be accessed from the panel on the left:


If you wish to book into a colleagues diary, just select their name from the list and you will see their diary along side your own in day, week or list view:


Select a time from their diary and book as normal -> How do you book an Appointment? 

Where has the multi-diary view gone?

We have removed the "multi" diary option which only provided you with access to a multi-resource/clinician day view.

Using the new left-hand panel you can decide which diaries you want to see in day, week or list view.

In effect, this change means you can see multiple resources in all diary views.

Where has the mini calendar gone?

It hasn't gone far! It can now be accessed from the top of your diary instead of on the left of your page. Just click on the blue date to open it:




How do I go to today?


Where has the "Activity List" gone?

The "Activity List" has been replaced by the new diary List view. Doing this provided much more space to build more functionality into the list view.

If you used the Activity list to change the status of an appointment you can now do this by clicking on an existing appointment and change the status from the dropdown in the window that appears:


As always, you won't be able to reschedule an appointment once it has been invoiced and marked as paid but the workaround to this can be seen here -> How do I reschedule an appointment that has been invoiced and paid?

How do I print my daily activity/clinic list?

Many of you asked for more information on the activity list printout and we've now delivered. To print your daily list just go to the diary List view


Here you will see all of your appointments for the day (or for your whole team depending whose diaries you have selected in the left-hand panel)

To print the list either use File->Print in your preferred browser or just type Ctrl/Cmd-P

Where have my location labels gone?

In the previous version of the diary many users complained that they were unable to see the location label because it was covered by an appointment.

To address this we introduced colour-coding for locations and added a handy "location" key in the left-hand panel.

To find out which location a particular colour relates to just click on the left-hand panel and you will see the key.

Why are all my locations the same colour (Green)?

When you first login to the new diary if you already have multiple locations set up you will see all of your locations in the default green colour. As a result when you click on the new left-hand panel your location key will look something like this:


To associate different colours with your various locations please follow the steps in the article below:

How do I change the colour associated with a location?

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