How do I send a questionnaire to be completed by my client/patient?

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to email a questionnaire, which has been created using the assessment builder within WriteUpp, to your client/patient. However, a workaround which we advocate is: 

  1. Create the questionnaire in a Word Document
  2. Attach this Word Document to emails sent out to your clients/patients which they can complete and email back to you
  3. Download the completed questionnaire and attach it to the relevant patient file within WriteUpp, the following article walks you through how to do this: 

How do you attach or upload a file to a client record?

An alternative would be the use of Adobe Acrobat Professional which allows you to create fillable PDF forms which you can send out to clients, save as a PDF and attach to your client summary in WriteUpp. 

Adobe Acrobat


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