How do you attach or upload a file to a client record?

To upload a file to a patient record:

1. Click on the Create button and select Attachment

2. To enter a file stored locally on your device, click on Select a file to upload:


3. Choose the file from your device

4. Once the file has uploaded you will see options to:

  • Enter a Description for the Attachment (optional)
  • Select a Keyword i.e. "Letter" or "Scan". You can amend or add more keywords - find out more here
  • Choose if you want it to be visible only to you
  • Then Save:


You will be dropped back into the Files tab of the Patient Summary, where you will be able to view your uploaded file:



If the file you wish to upload is larger than 8MB, you will see a message advising this as it cannot be uploaded and stored within WriteUpp:


If the file you select has a name containing invalid characters, you will see this message and can rename the file to remove any special characters before trying again:


NOTE: This uploader supports a variety of file formats including PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, CSV, JPEG, PNG. Some older file formats (i.e. BMP) may not be supported.  For a full list of file formats that can be uploaded, click here.

You also have the option to link out to a file or folder that you have in external storage (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc). This will allow you to access and link important files to a patient in WriteUpp that might be larger than 8MB in size.  You can read more about this here

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