How do you create a Letter or Document?

To create a Letter or Document for a patient:

  1. Ensure that the patient is the Active Patient and that their name appears in the top right-hand corner. 
  2. Click on Create -> Document and you will be taken to the Document Gallery:Image_2018-09-13_at_10.01.51_am.png
  3. Click on your desired document or click on Add New Template to create a new document template
  4. A certain number of variables will already be filled for you depending on which document template you select (i.e. Patient Name, Date, GP details) - these can be deleted if necessary
  5. Complete the Letter
  6. Click Save
  7. You will be dropped into the Patient Summary where you will be able to view your letter in the Recent Activity stream or the Files tab
  8. If you realise that you have the wrong active patient selected when creating the letter, don't panic! You can use the 'Switch' function to select a different patient. The letter that you have written will be transferred over to your new active patient. Please note, once the letter has been saved, the 'Switch' function will no longer be available. For more information about using "switch" when you are creating a document please check out the article below "Switch & Dynamic Content"

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