How do I merge duplicate Patients?

If you have duplicate records for the same Patient in WriteUpp, you can now use our Patient Merge functionality to combine the two records. Unlike Patient Delete, this will simply transfer all Patient Demographics, Notes, Assessments, Appointments, Tasks, Invoices, Documents and Attachments onto another Patient so none are lost.

To Merge Duplicate Patients:

  1. First ensure that your Active Patient is the patient that you want to merge
  2. Click on your menu in the top left and select "Tools from the drop-down menu (NOTE: This option is available to Administrators only)

  3. On the Tools page, click on the "Merge Patient" link

  4. Here you will see the details of your Active Patient, and a list of duplicates which are generated based on shared or similar characteristics. (NOTE:  If there are no similar Patients in the system, you may not be presented with any duplicates)

  5. Next to the Patient you wish to merge with, click on the "Merge" button
  6. You will be taken to a page where you can see the two Patients listed side-by-side
  7. You will be required to select a "Winner" and a "Loser". All the appointments, notes, assessments, tasks, files, invoices and discharges attached to this person will be moved to the "Winner". The "Loser" will then be deleted. Any information that the "Loser" does not have however will be transferred over to the "Winner"
  8. To switch between these, click on the "Switch" button
  9. Once you are happy, click on the "Merge" button
  10. The following dialogue will appear:
  11. Click "Ok", and you will be taken through to the Patient Summary of the winning Patient


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