How do I deal with part payment?

At present there is no mechanism in WriteUpp to deal with part-payments.

That said, here's a couple of possible workarounds:

Option 1

1. Create a Payment type called "Part Payment" 
2. When you mark the invoice as "Paid" specify the Payment Type as "Part Payment" 
3. Add a comment saying "Shortfall of £30" 
4. Go to "Business Views" and click the "Paid Invoices" tab 
5. You will see your invoice with a clear indication that they have underpaid

From here on you will need to chase the insurer/client for payment but you will not be able to remove the comment, which could be a problem for you

Option 2

1. When you receive an incomplete payment or shortfall don't do anything with the invoice (i.e. don't mark it as paid) 
2. Create a Note Keyword called "Payment Shortfall" 
3. Make a note saying "Paid x, shortfall of y" with a keyword of "Payment Shortfall" 
4. Set a patient-related task for yourself in the future to chase for payment of the outstanding balance 
5. When the task is due check the Notes tab of the Patient Summary and you'll be able to quickly spot the note(s) that relate to "Payment Shortfall" 
6. When the outstanding balance has been paid mark the invoice as "Paid"

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