How do I add the WriteUpp diary to Outlook?

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  1. In WriteUpp, go to Settings > My Settings and copy the Calendar feed
  2. In Outlook, click File > Account Settings > Account Settings.

  3. On the Internet Calendars tab, click New.

    new internet calendar

  4. Paste the address you copied in step 4, by pressing CTRL+V, and click Add.

    internet calendar subscription

  5. In the Folder Name box, type the name of the calendar as you want it to appear in Outlook, and then click OK.

    internet calendar subscription options

When you start Outlook, it checks Google Calendar for updates and downloads any changes. If you keep Outlook open, it also periodically checks for and downloads updates. (Google Calendar tells Outlook how often to check for updates.)

Note   Changes you make in Outlook aren’t sent to your Google Calendar. To update your Google calendar, open Google Calendar from a browser.


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