Are my notes and assessments time/date stamped?

Yes. All notes & assessments in WriteUpp are time and date stamped. This means you will always have a record of:

  • who made the note or assessment
  • when the note or assessment was saved
  • what keyword was associated with the note or assessment

When a Note or Assessment is created it is in a "Draft" state and the time/date stamp of when it was created will appear at the top of the note/assessment as below:


If you make any changes to the note or assessment, this will be updated with the details of the date and time of the last save:


You can also check out the history of the note/assessment by clicking on the View History icon to the bottom right:


This will display a modal detailing the history of the note/assessment and clicking on a line within the modal will open up that particular version of the note/assessment as it was when it was saved:


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