How do I switch to local currency?

The default currency in WriteUpp can be switched from UK £ to any of the following currencies:

  • US $
  • Aus $
  • Can $
  • NZ $
  • Danish Kr.
  • Swedish Kr.
  • EUR €
  • Swiss CHF
  • Chinese RMB
  • Sri Lanka R
  • Singapore Dollar SGD
  • HKD $
  • Quatari Rial QAD
  • Kuwait Dinar KWD
  • United Arab Emirates AED

If the currency you require is not shown in the list above please just email and we should be able to add it for you.

To change the default currency click on your username (top-right of the application) and go to Settings. Then click on the "Invoice" tab, shown below:


Finally, click on the Currency drop-down and select the currency that you require. Then click Save.

In this area of the settings, you can also set the prevailing VAT/Tax rate that will be used throughout WriteUpp.

Note: Depending on which currency you select the term used to describe VAT/Tax will change accordingly. For example, if you choose AUS $ as your currency all references to tax will be changed to GST.

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