How do I log an expense via the app?

The WriteUpp mobile app is the perfect place to log patient-related expenses that you incur when you're out and about, say on home visits.

To log an expense:

  1. Select an active patient
  2. Tap on the menu at the top right and select Expense:
  3. Complete the details, using a saved template from the dropdown if you have one available to you:
  4. Then tap Save to log the expense:

  5. When you next raise an invoice via the web-based version of WriteUpp the expense will be listed so that it can be included.

Note: You can define expense items in the WriteUpp mobile app when you log an expense but you cannot amend/delete expense items. This must be done in the web-based version of WriteUpp.

You can download the WriteUpp app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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