Stripe minimum and maximum payment values

When payments are taken via Stripe, there is a minimum payment amount enforced to take into account the Stripe processing fees, which combine a small fixed amount and a percentage. 

The minimum amount you can charge depends on your bank account settlement currency (the currency your bank account uses).

Details on the minimum charges for a variety of currencies can be found via the Stripe website here

For example if you are in the UK and using GBP, the minimum charge amount via Stripe is £0.30. 

Therefore if you are testing the process of either paying an invoice online or taking a pre-payment for an online booking, you need to make sure that the value of the payment is greater than £0.30 or it won't be processed and the payment will fail.  

There is also a limit to the maximum amount you can charge a client via Stripe.  The amount value can be up to eight digits, which again to use the UK and GBP as an example, would be £999,999,999.  

You can read more on minimum and maximum charge amounts via Stripe here


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