Can I embed online booking in my website using an iFrame?

No. Here's why:

WriteUpp and Online Booking have a host of security measures that rely heavily upon cookies. At the time of writing this article (Mid 2018) most browsers have tightened up their security/fraud detection capabilities, most notably Safari.

As a result, most browsers (and specifically Safari) now only permit cookies in the parent site (i.e. and block them in an embedded iFrame, which is effectively treated as a separate site. So, if you embed our online booking site in your website (using an iFrame for example) the user's browser will block our cookies and prevent our site from working correctly. This relatively recent change has come about because iFrame's have been used maliciously in the past by fooling users into thinking that they are on one site, when actually they are in another.

The solution is to link out to your online booking URL (referred to at the top of this article) from your website rather than embedding it into your website.

For those of you who are concerned about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you may have been advised that its important for to keep users on your site but this is a pretty outmoded approach to SEO. Google uses a whole host of parameters to rank you and the fact that the experience (via the iFrame) is not optimal would score adversely for you amongst others.

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