Changes to VitalityHealth Legacy submissions to Healthcode

From January 2020, Healthcode will no longer accept invoices for VitalityHealth Legacy, which use an insurer ID of PRU.  

Any invoices submitted using the PRU identifier code will be failed and should be resubmitted using the insurer VitalityHealth and the identifier code SLH.

If you have a third party set up for VitalityHealth Legacy using the identifier code PRU, you should edit this to contain the correct details. 

To do this:

1.  Go to Main Menu -> Settings -> 3rd Parties

2. Click on Edit:

3. Change the organisation name to VitalityHealth, under Healthcode change the Identifier to SLH then Save:

Alternatively if you already have a third party set up containing these details, you can use that in place of the now defunct VitalityHealth Legacy third party.  Just remember to link it to the patients that it will apply to!

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