WriteUpp – Introducing Smart Forms (Desktop v2.07)

We’re always looking for ways to automate your practice and save you time and this update (Desktop v2.07) is no exception. It includes a fabulous new feature, Smart Forms, that should slash the amount of time you spend completing forms with your client or waiting for your client to complete a form during their session. It also contains a number of improvements and bug fixes.

New Feature – Smart Forms

How do Smart Forms work?

Previously, if you created a form using the Form Builder you could only complete it yourself, within WriteUpp. This meant that in a number of instances you had to either sit with the client and enter their answers into the form or you had to transcribe their answers from paper. With Smart Forms, the roles have been reversed. You simply send the form to your client via Direct Message, they complete it and you review it.

What are the benefits of using a Smart Form?

  • Time-saving for you – no need to go through forms with clients during their session
  • Convenient for your client – no need to have the hassle of completing forms (and not having the information to hand) when they come for treatment
  • Completed forms are automatically added to the client record so you have everything in one place

What can you use a Smart Form for?

You can use a Smart Form in any situation where you need to capture information from your client, next of kin or a third party but here are some possible uses:

  • Pre-treatment questionnaires
  • Post-treatment questionnaires
  • Feedback Forms

To find out more about Smart Forms click here


“Additional Details” box added when invoicing to Healthcode

Certain insurers (Healix, for example) require information about the location in order for them to be invoiced through Healthcode.
If you know that the insurer you’re invoicing requires this information then you should tick this box when creating a 3rd Party
[7e592b3796d4124e8004240c95b642c8]_Image 2018-08-30 at 12.13.39 pm
If this box has been selected you will see the “Additional Details” box when you invoice to Healthcode:
Add Deets
From here you can select the setting in which the appointment took place and in the case of “Daycase” being selected, you can enter the Treating Hospital and the Admission Date.

Comments Box for Part Payments

You now have the option to include a comment when you add a Part Payment  to an invoice
[e6912397a2e5ecbf6bf46b89f51222bb]_Image 2018-08-30 at 11.49.16 am

More specific notifications when SMS fails to send

Previously if you had no SMS credits and you were trying to send out SMS reminders, you got a generic notification saying that the SMS failed to send with the likely explanation that the mobile number was incorrect. We have changed this so that you’re now notified that you have insufficient SMS credits:

Change First day of Week

We recognise that not everyone’s week starts on a Monday so you can now change this in “My Settings”

Hypnotherapist added to the Job Roles list

You can select “Hypnotherapist” from the Job Roles list when you invite a new user

Malawi country code and currency added

The country code (+265) and currency (Malawian kwacha) for Malawi have been added to WriteUpp

Bug Fixes

  • Online Booking wasn’t finding users appointments if you searched under “Any.” This has now been fixed.
  • Default location wasn’t working when booking an appointment. This has been addressed.
  • Some icons were blocking access to the 2FA pin box when using Internet Explorer. This is no longer the case

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