WriteUpp- The wait for Waiting Lists is over! (Desktop v2.10)

This release (Desktop v2.10) provides you with the ability to add clients to a waiting list and we’ve also given you the ability to organise patients into your own self-defined lists, which might be used for things like:

  • Follow Up Lists
  • Outstanding Notes Lists

but you have total control over this so the list is endless! (See what I did there?!) We know this is something that a lot of you have requested so we have worked hard on getting it right! We hope you love it!

New Feature(s)

Lists (including the Waiting List)

Is your clinic really busy? Do you have more patients than capacity? If so, you probably need a waiting list.  With this in mind we’ve come up with a super easy way to manage a waiting list and/or create other lists that might help with the day to day running of your clinic.

Waiting List

If you’re only interested in a waiting list then the good news is we’ve added one of these for you so there’s no need to create one. All you need to do to get started is begin adding patients to your waiting list. If you want to create other lists then check out the section below called “Create your own lists”.

Adding Patients to the Waiting List or any other List

It’s really easy to add patients to your Waiting List (or any list that you have created.) There are three ways to do it:

  1. From the Patient Tab of the Patient Summary click on “Edit” and scroll down to the lists section. Here you will be presented with all the Lists that you have created in your site.

    Image 2018-10-09 at 12.52.12 pm

    Just tick the list that you would like to add your client on to and hit save.

  2. From the Active Patient Button. If there is one list in your site, such as the Waiting List, you will see this:

    [1c58fc7dd39642ff9b52b2811adff07d]_Image 2018-10-26 at 10.50.45 am

    Clicking on the shortcut will add the patient straight to the list. If the patient is already a member of the list, you will not see this shortcut.

  3. If there are multiple Lists in the site, you will see this:


    From here you will see all the lists that have been created for your site and you can select the list(s) that you want to add the patient to. You can also remove them from any lists they are currently on.

To find out more about adding patients to the waiting list or any self-defined lists check out the articles below:
How do I add a patient to the Waiting List?
How do I add a patient to a list?

Viewing the Waiting List or any other List

To view the waiting list or any other list that you have created go to Main Menu->Lists:

Image 2018-10-29 at 11.37.33 am

From here you will be taken to a list of your lists, as below:

Image 2018-10-29 at 11.40.28 am
Working with the Waiting List or any other List

To see your waiting list (or any other list) click on the relevant list and you will see the details of all of the clients on that list. The three dots at the end of the row provide you with shortcuts to tasks that you might want to undertake from the waiting list, see below:

Image 2018-10-29 at 11.47.03 am

Creating your own Lists

You can create Lists for all kinds of things in WriteUpp. We recognise how busy you are so this will be really handy if you have loads to do and don’t want to forget anyone or anything! To create your own list:

  • Go to Settings -> More
  • Click on “Create New List”


    This page contains 2 fields:

  • Name of List
  • Description of the List

Once you have created a new list and saved it you will see it in Settings -> More -> Lists:


The three dots at the end of the row will allow you to:
a. Edit the List
b. Delete the List

You will also see the list in:

  • Main Menu->Lists
  • The Lists section of the patient summary

To find out more about creating lists please take a look at the article below:
How do I create a List?

How to see if a patient is on a list

To see which lists a patient is a member of you can go to the patient summary and they will see a pod called “Lists” underneath “Tags” and above “Other Info”

The following article explains more about how to check what lists a patient is on:
How can I check what lists a patient is on?

You can find out more information about lists HERE

Currency Added

We’ve added the Romanian Currency to WriteUpp

Bug Fixes

  • Files less than 8MB were getting an error message. This has now been fixed
  • Issues with Notifications Tab not always loading have been resolved
  • Previously an error message was being displayed when trying to get a payment history in the “Accounts” Tab. This has now been fixed
  • Users with SMTP set up were unable to send Direct Messages. This is no longer the case
  • Issues surrounding problems in the diary due to the clocks going back have been resolved
  • When exporting an Activity report to CSV, the WUID column was missing. This has been fixed

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