WriteUpp – New Features, Improvements & Bug Fixes (Desktop v2.06.1)

In this release we’ve focused on tidying up some loose ends after our fantastic Direct Messaging release (You can read all about it here)
Here’s what we have been up to:

New Features

  • We have added an additional Report to WriteUpp: Activity by ISC code. This can be found in Reports -> Performanceisc_report
  • We have added the Cambodia country code (+855)


  • Improvements have been made to the “Show next available appointment” search algorithm that is used in the airline view in Online Booking. Previously it would only search for appointments that were available in the next 30 days. This meant that if you had a very busy clinic that no appointments were found. Now, Online Booking will continue to search until it finds an appointment.
  • You now have the ability to completely delete a Tag from WriteUpp (What are Tags?) Deleting a Tag will result in it being removed from all patients that it is recorded against. To delete a Tag go to Settings ->Tools and select the Trash Can at the end of the row of the Tag that you wish to deleteTags
  • Previously there was no way to determine which patient was associated with an un-invoiced expense item. The problem being, if you didn’t know which patient the expense belonged to, you couldn’t delete it! This has now been addressed by adding a “Client” column in the “Expenses” report under “Finances”.Expense
  • For all our clients in Denmark, the Direct Message email that is sent to your clients has now been translated to Danish

Bug Fixes

  • “User” was defaulting to “Any” after searching for a specific user in Online Booking. This has now been fixed.
  • When creating an appointment using Create ->Appointment, the search was not taking into consideration breaks that had been put in the diary. This has now been addressed.
  • An error message was being thrown when the contents of a note had been deleted. This will no longer happen.
  • If you created a new patient using “Switch” the country code was defaulting to +1. This will now default to the country code that you have specified in Settings -> General
  • Privileged users couldn’t see notes that had been created in the Latest Activity feed. This has been addressed.

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