Addition of Client by source report, Improvements & Bug Fixes (web v2.13.30)

This release of WriteUpp (web v2.13.30) brings you the addition of a "Client/Patient by Source" report, some other small improvements and bug fixes. Here is what we've been up to:


Addition of Client/Patient by source report

We have added a "Client/Patient by source" report to WriteUpp. This can be found under Reports -> Patient/Client -> Patients/Clients by Source:


This can be viewed as a pie chart:


or in "Grid" format:


This data can be exported to CSV or Excel. 

"Display name" in online booking now a mandatory field

Previously, if you removed the "Display name" from under "Users" in the admin area of online booking, no user name was displayed to your clients. This has now been made a mandatory field to avoid this. You will now see a small red star that indicates that this field must have a value:


This article explains how to edit the display name in online booking:

How do I enter information about me or me team?

Ability to track which user has sent an email

For all new messages sent from WriteUpp, you will now see a "From" field that displays who sent that message. This can be seen by opening the message from under the "Messages" tab of the patient summary:


For any historic messages (i.e any messages sent prior to this release of WriteUpp) this information does not exist and the from field will be hidden. 

Improved file viewer error

If an attached file cannot be viewed within the WriteUpp viewer, you will now see an error message advising you to try downloading the file instead:



Bug Fixes

  • If an invalid character, such as an apostrophe in a name, was entered during the online booking process, the booking was not made. This has been fixed.
  •  An "Appointment booked by you" notification was being generated if a change was made to an appointment for another user. This is no longer the case.
  • The Xero contact mapper was processing too many requests too quickly resulting in an error. This has been addressed.
  • The month and year of a Date of Birth in online booking were not mandatory fields. This was resulting in an error if these fields were not completed. This has now been fixed.
  • Report headings were not reflecting the "What do you call your customers?" setting. This has been fixed. 




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