Ability to rename an episode of care and other improvements (web v2.13.32)

This release of WriteUpp (web v2.13.32) brings you some improvements to episode handling and the format of exported notes and assessments, amongst other things.  Here's what we've been up to:


Ability to rename an episode of care and add a description

To enable you to better manage the episodes of care for your patients, we've made a few changes to the way these are handled within the Patient Summary. 

You can now rename an episode of care and add additional information which will be displayed in a new Description column.  To add a description or rename an episode, simply click on the line containing the episode you'd like to edit:


You'll be taken to a new page which will allow you to add a custom title (of up to 32 characters) and a description (of up to 254 characters). You'll also see a summary of any activity within the episode:


Enhanced handling of episodes on patient merge

Previously when two patients were merged together, you would end up with two open episodes against a patient, sometimes with the same allocated episode number.  Going forward, the 'Loser' of the merge will be discharged, and a comment added to the description of the episode to indicate this:


You can then rename the episode to reflect the discharge if you like! 

Format of exported Notes and Assessments

We've improved the format of both notes and assessments exported as part of an access request and a data export. The header of the note/assessment will now display the WUID or patient name (depending on your PII setting), the patient's date of birth, the practice name, the date and time the note or assessment was last saved, and the associated username:





Improved error message when sending an email with no subject/content

If you attempt to send an email without entering either a subject or some content, you'll see a more visible error message prompting you to enter this:

Image_2020-03-13_at_4.19.36_pm.pngBug Fixes

  • The "Responsible" column was missing from the CSV export under Finance -> Invoices.  This has been fixed. 


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