Adding COVID-19 information to your confirmations and reminders

You might like to add additional information to your confirmations and reminders over this period. You can do that by making changes to the message template used in your triggers.  

When making changes to your appointment reminders, please make sure you simply edit the existing trigger setup.  If you delete a reminder trigger and set up a new one, this will delete the reminder from any future appointments you have booked and it won't be sent.  You should see a warning about this though:


If that isn't what you were intending to do, just click cancel and you can select to edit the trigger instead.

To add information to a confirmation or reminder:

  1. Go to Main Menu -> Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication:
  2. Find the message you'd like to edit and click on the three dots at the end of the row:
  3. Choose Edit:
  4. Choose Manage Templates:
  5. Find the template you'd like to modify and click Edit:
  6. Add the information you'd like to include and click on Save Template:
  7. From the list of templates, click on Back to Message:
  8. Click on Save to save the changes to the trigger:

Any messages sent out going forwards will then use the new template content.  You can easily jump back in and remove the extra information once it's no longer required. 

Please note: If you are using email, there is a size limit to the email templates you can set up within WriteUpp. In terms of plain text, this is around 3,700 characters but images, spacing and HTML all impact the size of templates.  We appreciate that this may be frustrating and are working to improve the way that this is handled for the future.  If you encounter a message that a template is too big, we would suggest initially removing any images or logos you have inserted.

Alternatively, you could add an additional confirmation email to be sent alongside your existing message.  Just create a message template containing the information you'd like to send and set up another appointment confirmation using this new template.   You can see an example of this below:

In the above setup, patients will receive 2 emails on booking an appointment, one to confirm the appointment details and another specifically covering coronavirus advice. 

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