Can I be notified when a patient has arrived for an appointment?

Yes, a patient arriving for an appointment is one of the events which you can choose to receive a notification about.  

To receive the notification you'll need to:

  • Set up an Appointment Status called Arrived (You'll only need to do this if you signed up before 02/10/18)
  • Choose how you'd like to be notified 

To set up an Arrived Status

1. Go to Settings -> Scheduling, scroll to the Appointment Statuses section and select Create New Appointment Status:


2. Complete each field as below:

  • Name - Arrived
  • Colour - Choose from the dropdown list
  • Is this the Default status? - No
  • Does it mean the Patient is attending? - Yes
  • Does it mean the Patient has arrived? - Yes


3.  Hit Save and you'll be taken back to the Scheduling tab where you'll see the new status in the list:


To choose your notification

1. Click on your username in the top right corner and then choose Manage from the Notifications heading:


2. Next to Appointment has arrived, choose how you'd like to be notified:


Important will be highlighted with a red line down the left side of the notification:


Show Boost appears as a pop up notification at the bottom right of your screen:


Show Dialog appears as a dialog box in the middle of your screen:


None won't generate a notification. 

You also have the option to leave the checkboxes blank, which generates a standard notification in the Notifications box:



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