Problems with Appointment Communications

We're delighted that you're using SMS or Email messaging to improve communication with your clients. We send out thousands of messages every day all over the world and in the vast majority of cases there are no issues. However, on some occasions there are problems and if you're reading this, it's likely that one or more of the following situations has arisen for you:

  1. You have been contacted by a client who says they have not received a reminder/confirmation
  2. You have been contacted by a client who has received a confirmation/reminder for a date/time that they weren't expecting
  3. You have been contacted by a client who says the message that they have received contains errors or incorrect information

Before we go any further we want to be clear that some issue are down to us and if that's the case we're generally the first to put our hands up. However, the majority of issues that we see are:

  • Patient/Client-related
  • User-related

With this in mind here are a few scenario-based checks that you should do before you get in touch with us.

Client claims that they haven't received a confirmation/reminder
  1. Check that their mobile number or email address is correct in the Patient Summary
  2. Check that they have opted into SMS/Email communications
  3. Check the Messages tab of the Patient Summary to see what messages have been sent to them
  4. If it relates specifically to SMS check that you have enough text credits
Client claims that they have received a confirmation/reminder for a date/time that they weren't expecting

This most commonly occurs when a member of the team mistakenly books an appt for the wrong client, which triggers a confirmation.  As the confirmation is sent immediately, it will already have been sent once this is noticed and the appointment deleted from the diary.

If this situation arises please take the following steps:

  1. Check the Messages tab of the clients summary and find the message that they were sent erroneously. Make a note of the time
  2. Get the date/time of the appt that they have received a confirmation/reminder for
  3. Check the diary, find the appt and click on it to make that patient active. Check the Messages tab of the Patient Summary and see what time the confirmation message was sent to them
In most cases there will be few minutes between when the appt was booked in error and the new appt was booked. Although this is not 100% conclusive it generally indicates that the appt was booked in error
Client says that the message they have received contains errors or incorrect information 
  1. Get some evidence, if possible. It might surprise you but occasionally clients that forget appts can be a bit liberal with the truth :-)
  2. Corroborate the evidence by going to the Messages tab of the client's summary and seeing what they were sent
  3. If it looks like something is wrong go to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appt Communication to check the message template.
  4. Click on the three dots menu, then "Edit -> Manage templates" for the appropriate message and make sure that the template is correct
  5. Most often problems occur because someone has mistakenly or incorrectly edited the template
  6. If you are unsure and you'd like to revert the template to the default text, you can find the SMS default content here and the email default content here. Just copy and paste the text into your template in WriteUpp
You don't think confirmations or reminders are being sent
  1. Select a client who you think should have received a message
  2. Check that they have a valid mobile number and/or email address
  3. Check that they have opted-in to communications
  4. Check that you have communication triggers set up OR that one of your colleagues hasn't accidentally deleted the relevant one
  5. Check that you have enough text credits
  6. Having checked the above go to the Messages tab of the client's summary and see if there are messages listed. If there are click on the row and you will see the detail of the message

Having worked through the suggested checks if you feel that there is still something amiss please don't hesitate to contact us by clicking on the "Submit A Request" button below.

When you submit your request please drop us the WUID of the client (experiencing problems) so that we can check our logs and investigate further.

Thanks for reading!

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