How do I complete an assessment on the app?

To complete an assessment on the app:

1. Select an active patient

2. Tap on the menu at the top left and choose Assessment:

3. Select which assessment you'd like to complete:

Note: Only Responsive and Custom assessment forms are available in the app.  If you use any of the old Classic forms, these can only be accessed via the web-based version of WriteUpp.

4. Complete the fields then tap Save:


Note: Annotations can't be edited in the app, these will need to be done via the web-based version of WriteUpp. 

5. Once you've hit save, the blue Save button will turn to Saving and then Saved.  You'll remain on the assessment screen, where you can add additional information or navigate away to another page:

You can download the WriteUpp app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


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