Why am I getting a "Cannot connect to server" message?

One or two clients have contacted us to get clarification about a modal that appears in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, see below:


This appears if your connection to the WriteUpp server has been interrupted for some reason, which might include:

  • Your connection has timed out - which most commonly happens if there has been a prolonged period of inactivity
  • You have a poor or inconsistent internet connection

But it may also occur if you are using an ad blocker or if your firewall is blocking connections to our servers.

By clicking on the pop-up modal WriteUpp will attempt to reconnect to your browser and once the connection has been restored successfully it will disappear.

We added this tweak to help avoid situations where you might start working in WriteUpp without actually having a connection which could, in certain circumstances, result in content not being saved.

If you are frequently seeing this pop-up modal please try the following steps:

  • Remove all ad-blockers or try using a different browser
  • Check that your firewall is not blocking connections to WriteUpp or whitelist www.writeupp.com to ensure that it is not blocked
  • Disable any anti-virus software. We don't advocate running without AV software but many installed products do much more than block viruses/malware and you might find that they are intercepting all of your browser-based traffic, which could, in turn, be causing your connection issues

If you continue to see the modal please contact us at support@writeupp.com with the following information:

  • Which browser you're using.
  • How often the box is appearing
  • Does the box appear at certain times, or after doing something in particular? I.e. is there a pattern?
  • Are you refreshing your page when the box appears? As doing that should connect you again. 
  • What happens when you refresh, is it still there?
  • Is it there all the time, or does it disappear?

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