Can I purchase text credits during my 30 day trial?

During your WriteUpp trial, you may wish to try out some of the functionalities that use text credits, including:

  • Appointment communications
  • Text verification in Online Booking - optional extra security to allow you to verify the identity of clients booking online
  • SMS messages to clients
  • SMS messages to colleagues
  • Direct messaging 
  • Smart forms

To get you started, you have 20 text credits included with your WriteUpp trial account, but you have the option to purchase more via PayPal if you would like to.

To purchase text credits while on trial:

1. Click on Create -> Message:


2. Choose the SMS tab:


3. Click on the blue Buy More link:


4. Choose which bundle of text credits you would like to purchase:


5. You'll then be taken to PayPal, where you can use an existing PayPal account or a credit or debit card:


6. Once you've completed the checkout process in PayPal,  you'll be taken back to the Account tab within WriteUpp.  By navigating to Create -> Message -> SMS, you'll see your text credits applied to your account:




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