Auto Opt-in for Automated Communications (May 2019) - What's changed?

With the release of WriteUpp v2.13, you'll notice a change to the way in which you opt-in your patients to receive email and SMS confirmations and reminders.

Previously, when registering a new patient or adding a mobile number and/or email address to an existing patient, you had to manually tick the "Consented to SMS/Email Confirmations & Reminders" box to ensure the correct appointment communications were sent:


To streamline patient registration we will now automatically opt-in newly created or existing patients when a mobile number and/or email address is added to their patient record.

Once you have finished entering a mobile number or email address, you will see a green tick appear in the corresponding "opt-in" box:


Any existing patients with mobile numbers and/or email addresses within these fields on the patient summary will retain their current consents in the new "opt-in" format. 

  • Any patients who are not currently consented to confirmations and reminders via either SMS or email will not be opted in to these
  • Any patients who are currently consented to receive these message will be opted in to ensure they continue to receive the correct confirmations and reminders

You can still of course manually opt a patient out by unticking the relevant box.  Previously you had to explicitly click the checkbox to opt someone in, now you just have to click the checkbox to opt them out.  This will apply to any new patients created, or if you add a mobile number or email address to a patient record where one was not already recorded:


The change to auto opt-in should:

  • Make it easier to ensure that clients receive the communications you intend them to
  • Reduce the instances where for example, you forgot to consent a patient to confirmations and reminders prior to booking an appointment and they didn't receive their confirmation/reminder.  This in turn should improve your DNA/late cancellation rate 😊

This change also means that patients created via the mobile app will also now be automatically opted in for the confirmations and reminders reminders you have set up, if you enter a mobile number and/or an email address when you create them, as will patients created via online booking.

Why did we do it this way? We analysed the behaviour of those clients with email addresses and mobile numbers and realised that in the majority of cases they were opted-in. So, it made sense for opt-in to be the default behaviour. 

To ensure your patients receive appointment communications via email, you'll still need to do two things:

To ensure your patients receive appointment communications via SMS, you'll still need to do three things:

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