What is the Security Log used for in WriteUpp?

The security log, which is found under "Main Menu -> Tools -> Security Log" provides you with an audit trail of:

  • Patient Deletions
  • Patient Merges
  • User Logins
  • Data Exports

To determine what you see in the log just check the appropriate box at the top of the security log

Patient Deletions

This will provide you with evidence that a record has been deleted in the event of a “Right to be forgotten” request under GDPR (Article 17):


You can read more about how to delete a patient here

Patient Merges

If two patients have been merged, the security log will detail the WUID of the patient that has been deleted and the WUID of the patient that it has been merged into:


You can learn how to merge patients here.

User Logins

This will show you who and when a user has logged into your WriteUpp Site:


Data Exports

This will show you a list of any data exports that have performed, the type of data that was exported, when and who by:


To read more about Privacy & GDPR in WriteUpp please visit here



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