Can I check the status of an SMS sent to a patient?

Following the release of web v2.13.9 of WriteUpp, if we have received information on the delivery status of an SMS sent to a patient, you'll be able to see this on the Messages tab of the Patient Summary:


It's important to note that status information is not guaranteed to be present for all messages, and there are certain situations where we won't be able to display that information.  Only SMS messages sent after 06/08/19 will benefit from the new status information.  Any messages sent before this date will show with the status 'sent'.  

The statuses you will see are:

  • Sent - This indicates that the message has been accepted by our SMS provider 
  • Delivered - Our SMS provider has confirmed that the message has been delivered
  • Not delivered - Our SMS provider has confirmed that the message has not been delivered 

You might also notice that if you are sending email messages to patients via the WriteUpp email server, you will also see emails with a status of Opened.  You won't see this information for SMS messages that you send as we are not able to establish whether a text message has been opened.


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